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AppLock Android App Download
AppLock Android App Download

AppLock Android App Download

Application locks are the least demanding route for individuals to approach your telephone without enabling them to jump into regions that you don’t wish them to see. There are many application bolts out there and picking one can be an assignment. Ideally, this will enable you to choose if AppLock is the best security for you.

Engineer: DoMobile Lab

Cost: Free (In-application overhauls)


Arrangement Example

Arrangement Example

AppLock Android App Download
AppLock Android App Download Free

When you open the application just because, it prompts you to make an example and set up your email. When you have designed your open example, you are then conveyed to the primary screen, which records all the applications you can bolt out. Essentially click which application you need bolted out and it’s verified.


Lock applications exclusively

Lock photographs and recordings

Distinctive lock profiles

Time lock

Area lock


AppLock is a standout amongst other security devices you can get from the Play Store. It’s a free application that is wealthy in highlights. Like all application locks, it enables you to bolt applications exclusively, however there are couple things I truly like about this one.

Randomized Keyoard

Randomized Keyoard

To begin off, it has the example lock that I referenced, be that as it may, you can transform it to a numeric lock. What’s so unique about that? All things considered, nothing truly, then again, actually you have the alternative to utilize a randomized numeric console in this way, regardless of whether somebody sees an example, the numbers will be in a better place whenever. The drawback is it makes you truly need to focus on what numbers you are punching in as you can be effectively confounded.

Another incredible element is setting profiles for various situations. You could have profiles for your home, visitors, children, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can modify the profile to just permit individuals access to certain applications. The best part is you can make home alternate ways that enable you to actuate them by clicking and embeddings your password.

Some other marvelous highlights incorporate the capacity to actuate those profiles at specific occasions and areas. Along these lines, on the off chance that you have a work profile, you could set it for check in time. Know that there is no deactivation time, so it will remain on that profile until your next time lock happens.

The area lock works off WiFi. At the point when your telephone connects to specific systems, it locks to the fitting profile.

How about we not overlook that you can bolt your recordings and pictures each one in turn too. I don’t utilize this element, yet it’s in every case great to have greater security readily available.

Different Highlights:

Security questions

Power-sparing mode

Speedy lock switch


While this isn’t all that this application can do, it’s sufficient to give you a decent read into how well this application has you secured.

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